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Tony O.

Silver with Button Overlays - Button Overlays on Trumpet






Spare button overlay placed on the back of the WX5 between octave buttons...




Three remaining button overlays (all kits ship with 10 buttons overlays) to cover scratched trumpet valve tops...



Tony's comments:


I got my skin kit from ed.

I ordered silver, as i'm an old fan of the original lyricon. its hard
to find a pic of the first design anymore , heres one but dig the
crazy guy playin it! (its NOT me):

the price of 3 grand and guys like that playin it are probably what
killed it!

but i always wanted one, and kept a close eye on wayne shorter and
tom scott who played it.

the wx5 is designed by the same guy and i always liked that it kinda
sorta looked like a lyricon.

but now with the skin its a lot closer.

it got delivered very quick and i picked up some standard painters
masking tape at the supermarket, i wasnt into searchin around for
while gloves so i experimented using a paper towel wraped around my
hand and for me that was ok, your mileage may vary.

i did the practice kit first and am glad i did, ive got a tendency to
rush thru models, as a kid my rocket models always had leftover parts
especially if it was something hidden i thought i could get away
with, and i still am a bit that way so i was shortcutting my way thru
the practice kit and messed up the part that goes under the lower
keys pretty bad by not doin enough keypressing and cotton swab like
in the videos.

So watch the videos over and over let that stuff soak deep into your
mirror neurons.

so i was a very good boy by the time i installed the actual skin,
exactly like in the video and sure enough it worked exactly as in the
video. i took frequent breaks to get relaxed and as you do section by
section it really gets you psyched.

another tendency i have is to take what i get, when i first opened
the package it looked like the led hole version of the top, the one i
wanted to use, was pretty scuffed, and there was a note in the
package that said these things might look scuffed at first and i cant
remember the exact wording but it was to the effect of "dont worry
about it until you see it on" which turned out to be very cool cause
i dont know how exactly but sure enough once its on its gone, looks
perfect. weird.

i liked the pearloids so much i looked for more places to put them!
ocatve buttons got one in the center and then, frustrated, i had to
move on to another instrument so my gf's trumpet got em and she
needed em , its a custom phaeton trumpet and they dont have
pearloids , which would be cool but that brushed brass finish
scratches and wears off so her babys valve tops were lookin pretty
sad and sure enough those extra pearloids did the trick in style, she
was very pleased.

speaking of her her reactions have been fun, first sight of the skin
when ed first posted it she was like "wow is that the new midisax?",
blown away, and then i explained its a skin kit and she kinda rolled
her eyes like "oh, stickers".

she was blown away she just loved it seeing the finished product, and
she loved her valves.

these pics dont do it justice, just like brass instrument pics dont
come to life like when you hold a trumpet in your hands, same with
the wx5 skins , once you see em its really something. the pearloids
look better than id hoped and feel much better, itll be interesting
to see how much i like the thumb octave one, itll get the most
extreme wear there so i i can keep an eye on that. theyre so cheap
tho i could order more.

delighted customer here, and i love how you can see videos of the
instructions and so many detailed pics and read all this discussion
cause honestly if id seen this in a catalog i wouldnt have ordered it
i dont think, im too skeptical, but i felt pretty sure it was a good
buy. Sure enough, it looks like 3 times as expensive now and my other
wx5 looks sadly naked and plastic. ill skin that too but im waitin on
more colors cause i want to get weird with that one.

but this one thats skinned is my lyricon now, after like 30 years of
wishing its the lyricon i always wanted only even better!!!!

Thu Apr 5, 2007 3:25 pm





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