Look as good as you sound!

Want a more professional look for your Yamaha WX5? Transform it! Skin it!

Give your WX5 a more traditional musical instrument-like appearance.

Image is... well, it ain't everything but it is very important.

Now your WX5 can

Sparkle & Shine in the spotlight!

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 After much anticipation customer Pictures are beginning to arrive. Check out these AWESOME looking Custom Skinned Yamaha WX5 Wind Controllers. Send all the pictures you please and I will post them here. Videos are welcome as well!


*Please note that you should turn the flash OFF before taking photos of these. The mirror finish will reflect the flash and way overexpose the image. Thanks!

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EWI4000 Skins


ALL styles and options are now available!

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Silver & Gold                   Silver                            Red        



The Following colors are now also available. Click below on Custom Color Order Page and Please e-mail me for ordering instructions.


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All above kits include main body panel pieces, Key strips, hinge covers, one each under key strip top and bottom, side strips, top retainer ring in silver, bottom cover and battery cover plus 3 different tops to choose from. Top Solid, Top with LED Holes only or Top with LED Holes and Logo Hole.


Complete kits are offered at a reduced price or you can order the following additional elements separately:






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